Friendly Acres Park came under new ownership as of May, 2016.  The park is family-owned and operated.  Friendly Acres Park has been in business for approximately 50 years.

Park History

Over the years, the infrastructure of the park had deteriorated to the point where a major upgrade was required.  This change in ownership provided an opportunity to create a NEW Friendly Acres Park.

Beginning with the current year, this page provides a history of the changes that have taken place as the NEW Friendly Acres Park becomes a reality.

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2017 Season

At the start of the 2017 season, the upgraded infrastructure became operational in the NEW Friendly Acres Park.  Hydro connections at each site were upgraded to 30 amp service from 15 amp service, a completely new water system provides a separate tap to a reliable water source at each site, and a completely new underground sewage system replaced a previous system that was partially above ground.  The return of camping units to the park provided an opportunity to set minimum standards for units permitted in the park.  The number of sites in the park has been reduced to improve some of the spacing between units.  Road surfaces within the park have been upgraded, and park security was enhanced with the installation of a card access security gate.  The playground was relocated and upgraded.

Infrastucture Upgrade - End of 2016 Season

As the 2016 camping season came to an end, most of the camping units had to be removed from the park in preparation for the complete upgrading of the park infrastructure.  The considerable trenching required for the new infrastructure required the removal of many trees which has resulted in a more open look to the park.  Most of the construction related to the infrastructure upgrade was completed by December and the process of returning units to the park began before Christmas.

2016 Season

The upgrades required to create the NEW Friendly Acres Park began at the start of the 2016 season.  Major upgrades to the docks were completed.  The swimming pool was upgraded to repair leaks and the water depth was adjusted for safety.  Considerable repairs were made to the fencing and shelter area at the pool.  Construction of new vehicle parking areas at the entrance and inside the park began. The storage area was cleaned up to provide an open boat storage area.

Many of the older docks were removed from service.
The process of upgrading all the docks began.
Both ends of the pool were resurfaced and the water depth adjusted for safety.  Water lines and drains were updated.
The pool shelter and fencing were repaired and updated. Flower gardens around the park, such as near the pool and park entrance, were improved and well maintained.
The parking area across from the office was upgraded and a new fence was installed.
A new parking area was created inside the park.
The storage area near the entrance was cleaned up and a new fence installed.

Most of the units had to be relocated to a storage area outside the park before the infrastructure construction could begin.
Heavy equipment was required to begin the process of removing many of the trees to allow for the trenching required for the new power, water, and sewer upgrades.
The upper canopy of trees had to be removed before the trunks could be taken down.
Preliminary construction following tree and stump removal on Sunset Lane.
Infrastructure improvements in progress on Sunset Lane.
Landscaping and infrastructure completed on Sunset Lane.
Sunset Lane completed and new lawns being established.
Early tree and trailer removal on Cedar Drive.  Trees had to be cut before trailers could be removed.
Cedar Drive construction in progress.
The old 15 amp power system had to be removed.
The old water system also had to be replaced.
In many cases the old sewer lines ran on or near the surface.  This old system had to be removed.
All sites were upgraded with  individual 30 amp power, water, and sewer services.
Prior to the 2016 Season

Friendly Acres Park has a long and memorable history for many people.  Some of our current seasonal residents have spent their summers here for over 20 years.  We would like to invite everyone to submit photos of the park in years gone by so that we can post a partial history of the park for everyone to enjoy.  Please see us in the office if you have some photos that we can scan for uploading to this site.

Road surfaces throughout the park were upgraded. The number of sites in the park was reduced. The orientaton of units on many sites has been set on a slight angle to improve privacy.
Minimum standards now apply to the acceptance of units in the park.  The removal of many trees contributes to a more spacious environment.
A tree planting program was started to replace older trees that had to be removed for the infrastructure upgrade.
A minimum standard for deck construction has been established to ensure the quality of construction and adherence to building codes.
The front parking area across from the office was improved to present a good 'first impression' to visitors.
A card-access entry gate to the sites was added to enhance park security.
Visitor parking areas were  created throughout the park to enable enforcement of the 'one vehicle per site' rule.
The outdoor lighting was upgraded with new state-of-the-art LED fixtures for improved nighttime safety.
The playground was relocated and a pea gravel base was added for safety.
A new slide set was added to the playground.
Regular maintenance of the volleyball court has been improved.
A small soccer field is now available adjacent to the visitor washroom facilities.
The old storage area was cleaned up and now provides lots of room for the storage of boats and trailers.
Recycling is the rule within the park to ensure an enjoyable environment for everyone.
2018 Season

Fish cleaning hut, canoe/kayak racks, new boat docks, beach improvements, and more trees!